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Subject: Captiva Diesel for towing
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19 Apr 2008 10:54 p.m. Alert 
I an currently towing a Coromal 15 ft poptop with an aging Commodore and am thinking of updating the tow vehicle.Has anyone had anything to do with the Captiva 2L diesel yet. It is one of the vehicles I am considering but am unsure it the 2L is good enough.The economy when not towing sounds good.

26 Apr 2008 8:59 p.m. Alert 
Hi Godfrey, yes a Captiva is very economical, its towing capicity is 1700Kg (braked auto source Redbook) less the towball downweight of your caravan. Have a look at the compliance plate of your van and decide if you are too close in weight to the figure you worked out from above calculation.
I personally like to have some 20 or 25 percent free so that my vehicle is not working too hard and that gives power to pass or easily get up hills.
Speak to a reputable caravan dealer also and seek advice before you purchase a new tow vehicle. Look at the big picture - will you be likely to buy a bigger van in the future and cause you to replace the smaller engined vehicle??
Good luck johnv Ballarat Vic
Ian Hollow

27 Apr 2008 12:19 a.m. Alert 
All good info from Johnv ,Id be looking at 2.5l turbo diesel of some make ?in auto

28 Apr 2008 7:00 p.m. Alert 
Thanks Johnv and Ian. Captiva was just a though. Looking favourably at a duel cab with bigger motor.

21 Aug 2008 4:51 p.m. Alert 
You may also want to investigate the Kia Sorrento. It's been getting some pretty good write ups. The other is the Hyundai Santa Fe rated to tow 2000kg, but only has an allowable 150kg Ball Weight. That rules out my Pop Top.

22 May 2010 8:30 p.m. Alert 
Calling happy caravan owners using soft roaders as tugs. Any comments re Santa fe,Sorento,Captiva,FWD Kluger or 2wd Territory. I would like to hear any comments on the ups and down for any of these or any other soft roader.

23 May 2010 8:08 p.m. Alert 
I was faced with a problem with a 14'6 poptop Windsor. I ended up with a 2009 Nissan X-trail auto. I has a towing capacity of 2 tonne and a towball limit of 200kgs.
Have found it to return 14.2 litrs per 100kms when towing & whilst it is a 6 speed auto, it tows very well. I expect it to return better figures when it loosens up as it has only done 4000 kms. Great brakes and golity. The auto diesel does not have the same towing capacity as the petrol.

31 May 2010 10:34 p.m. Alert 
We are still novices at all this having bought our first ever caravan (Windosr Genesis poptop) in September last year. So far we have travelled the NSW coast from Eden to Forster, most of Victoria (minus Grampians which we will go back to) the SA south East corner and some of inland NSW. We are gearing up for a 5 month trip north to Cairns and Mount Isa shortly. Our tow vehicle is a Toyota Kluger KSX (AWD) which has a towing capacity of 2000kgs. Our van's ATM is 1770kgs and we use a Hayman Reece Weight Distribution System. We had all this checked out when we did a Tow-Ed course just after we picked up the van (and was very worthwhile). We've pretty much travelled in all weather conditions and transversed some steep hills both ways and heavy Sydney and Melbourne traffic.

The Kluger has handled everything extremely well and has averaged over the total distance 18.2/100 with a range of 15.2/100 (Canberra to Camden which the Kluger does on its own at 9.6/100) up to 22.5/100 (in very windy conditions). The van has tracked well even in wind and heavy rain. I was thinking of going the diesel vehicle path a little while ago as people were telling me that is the way to go but my research is not showing up a strong reason to change from the petrol Kluger (and it is still a young vehicle). You can get a lot of petrol for the changeover cost! Maybe later if and when we change over the van.

My wife and I both find the Kluger very comfortable to ride in especially over long distances. It has the mod cons that we as travellers need including bluetooth for handsfree phone, heated seats for those cold mornings and a good radio with MP3! With the rear seats down, we have plenty of room for the camping fridge (for drinks), golf clubs, backup pantry and annexe flooring. We originally bought the Kluger as we were campers and its interior is nicely squared off and wide, to allow full utilisation of space.

Hope this helps with your research.

22 Sep 2010 3:30 p.m. Alert 
Hi. We have a Ford Territory RWD and tow a 19'6" full van. We are more than happy with it for towing, comfort and the economy it returns. On a round trip Maitland to Toowoomba up inland and back the coast we average 17 litres/100 klm. Without the caravan on a run to Gunnedah and back we were running in the 10s litres/100 klm. The trick in fuel is to run the motor as much as possible under 2,000rpm. On the flat with the caravan this gives a speed of 95 - 100 kph. Fast enough. I'd like a diesel but at their prices they are way out of reach. Glen.

22 Sep 2010 4:10 p.m. Alert 
Thanks for that Glen. We have taken delivery of a new Ford Territory RWD about six weeks age. This was after test driving several vehicles including duel cabs. Most units I liked were out of our price range. It got down to two:Territory or Santa Fe. Territory won on size. Santa Fe cabin seemed very similar to a duel cab for space. Territory may be heavier on fuel however we are satisfied with the room of the Ford. Still running it in. Havent done any towing yet. Thanks to all others for their contributions also Godfrey
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