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Subject: Quality Control Jayco Caravans
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05 May 2009 3:01 p.m. Alert 
My wife and I purchased a new Jayco Sterling Outback in late November last year. To date we have had three nights in the van. The van has had multiple problems including failure of power points, clearance lights not connected and other small annoying issues, which I could have put up with.
However, the van has spent the last three months back at the dealer requiring a new roof and complete bathroom re-fit. Two of the new roofs provided by the Jayco factory were discarded by the service department at the dealership as substandard.
The dealer has been great. I can't say the same for Jayco Quality Control. Has anyone had similar experiences with new Jayco vans? This is my sixth van but my first and last Jayco.

07 May 2009 6:42 p.m. Alert 
We have been travelling this great land for 8 years now, seen a lot of it, yet to see a whole lot more of it, it is a big place with all sorts of roads to test a van.
We have seen half a dozen vans with cracked chassis, owners looking for someone to perform welding repairs, usually where such services are hard to come by. All but one of these vans were Jaco's.
Mentioned this to a friend who operates an engineering business in a country town, he turned to his brother and said see I told you not to buy a Jaco. Said Brother had, you guessed it a Jaco van not so new with cracked chassis and signs of previous repair.
Some of these vans were quite new. Jaco say they have such a large share of the market that you could expect to see more of their vans with problems. But for me Noooooooooooo Jaco.

14 May 2009 5:17 p.m. Alert 
We have had a 21ft.Jayco Heritage for 4.5 years, done 78000 kl. some of it over rough roads and always at the speed limit and the van is as good as the day we bought it.There is no way I would pay over $20000 more for another brand when they are still old fashioned inside and out.

05 Jun 2009 10:27 p.m. Alert 
bought a four year old freedom 18ft last august. been away three times in it. going for longer in september. van was spotless when we purchased . will be interested to see longevity.

20 Jun 2009 10:45 p.m. Alert 
Hi ..

I have a 21'6" Jayco that to date has done >180,000km without any significant problems. It is now approaching 10YO but I can't find a good reason to upgrade. If I did my first look would be at another Jayco. It still has the original wheel bearings & break linings, both in good condition.

In my experience a lot of the problems that users have can be traced back to how they treat theur vans. In our case we never take ours off road. It's just not built for rough roads. If I wanted to go bush I would have looked at something like a Bush Tracker. We travel at 80 to 90 k/hr and never exceed the compliance plate loadings .. as checked on a weighbridge.

Whenever off the road for anymore than say a month. I lift the wheels off the ground & make sure that the van is covered, but with good air flow thru the interior. The sacrificial rod is removed from the hot water system & replaced as necessary. Before going on a trip the wheel bearings are checked & re greased and the breaks checked & adjusted. While the van is off the ground I inspect all the under van stuff. All electricals are checked a few days before leaving on a trip and the fridge turned on & temperature noted. I turn on the gas HWS to make sure it starts OK.

cheers .. & safe travelling .... G

ps. I realise that this response does not address the original 'Quality Control' issue but focuses on the long term reliability of Jayco's.


25 Jun 2009 10:16 p.m. Alert 
i bought a seconhand destiny . 2007 late . and looking underneath the van found all screws had gone through floor from inside the van , that is all screws holding fitings in van to the floor. this being all screws were to long . not got onto jayco yet but hope they can help,

27 Jun 2009 5:40 p.m. Alert 
We have a 2004 Jayco and have been traveling for a year, no problems, bougt third hand and is a great caravan, maybe just lucky!!

28 Jun 2009 5:39 p.m. Alert 
Hello fellow travellers. We have a 2000 Jayco Westport 19' hardtop which we bought 2nd hand. There was some holes in the roof where staples affixing the overhead cupboard top lining went through. Obviously manufacturing error. I dont think the van has done a lot of work, yet I am at the point of dropping one axle out due to a 'toe in' problem. Hard to say with a 9yr old van why this is. Its the back axle and only one wheel scrubs slightly. One soloution that was offered, was to max the tyre pressure out and put up with reduced tyre life. If you are like me, now that I know its there, it will bother me till I fix it. Now that Mr Rudd has come good, I have the incentive to pull it out.
Cheerio... Chris

22 Jul 2009 9:19 a.m. Alert 
Regarding my previous post. I have pulled the axel out and ordered a replacement. The axel is a drop axel. The stub is only 'dropped' by the thickness of the axel shaft (45mm). ie the stub is welded onto the side of the shaft, not on the end. The unit is made from solid steel and must weigh about 50 kg. I cant see any bend in the shaft and its hard to believe that something so solid could bend without destroying springs/hangers etc. On close inspection, it looks like the stub has been welded on slightly crooked, which means it could have been there from new. Also, the 'spring locating' plates are not symetrical. One is 95 mm from the end and the other is 115mm in. One wheel was sticking out one side further than the other.
Just for interest, I ordered the axel from the local trailer manufacturers and they quote $230.

06 Aug 2009 5:46 p.m. Alert 
We purchased a jayco outback from Page Bros in July 2008 and took it straight from the dealer around the block and home to W.A. We had no problems to speak of except for a couple of little niggles that I attended to myself. I would recommend Jayco to anyone but I would also remind them that you get what you pay for.

14 Apr 2013 2:50 p.m. Alert 
Hi we are interested in buying a new 2013 jayco Starcraft but unsure as we have heard negative comments like shako etc. We really like the layout of the shower van has want we want for the price. Does anyone have feedback on this van?
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