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Subject: Fusion caravan
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06 Oct 2008 7:18 p.m. Alert 
We are looking to update our caravan (a prattline) and have heard of,and would like to do research, on a manufacturer called Fusion.
Problem is I can not find a web page for this manufacturer, I can find agents that have these vans for sale on the web but no information on layout etc or any reveiws.
If anybody out there has a web address or some information they can pass on to us it would be appreciated.
We would particually like to hear from anybody that owns one of these vans so that we can get first hand information.
Thank you

15 Oct 2008 2:16 p.m. Alert 
No answers to your question as yet.
I have only seen a couple, but have not had a chance to inspect one.
They could possibly be made by another manufacturer and sold by a dealer under his own brand name.
Some of these with name changes are quite good, other are another matter.
If your not 100% sure, then maybe look further afield at other well known brands.

02 Nov 2008 5:59 p.m. Alert 
Hi Snoopydog...I can help you with this one. Fusion caravans are made by Paradise caravans in Melbourne. They are sold under the name Fusion in QLD by a dealer called Idyillic in lear jet drive Caboolture. We have looked at them and they are very well made. I hope this is a help to you...Polley

18 Dec 2009 7:43 a.m. Alert 
G'day there - new member joined to add this note - I agree that Fusion Predator appears to be good value etc but if you order get a firm committment on deleivery and perhaps a "get out" clause if they donlt deliver on time. I ordered and paid deposit in June 2009 - promised December. Having been warned by friends who were previous victims of failed delivery promises I got a firm delivery committment for December but there has been no start on the build as yet. Having sold previous van privately it's back to the tent these holidays. Yep - not happy.
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